Mother where art thou? by Kierra Wooden

I be talking to you to keep myself sane

before I throw a black ski mask on and murder every fucking mortal who’ve caused me pain.

i haven’t been the same, over exerting myself I ain’t strong enough for this pain.

I be talking to you, and you be watching me breakdown overflowing with tears that I store when I try and act like i’m strong!

Mother I ain’t strong, cause you be ignoring me but the devil he be speaking loud and clearly. he be in my ear screaming fuck these mortals go for the kill cause the devil be caressing the scars I carved all over my body cause I couldn’t take the pain, he be having me reminiscing on the taste of all those pain pills I tried to stuff down my throat cause I couldn’t take the pain.

Mother I’ve been talking to you to keep me sane. but how come... but why... you never talk back to me?

CRYBABY by Kierra Wooden

i was a little girl

in love.

to small too speak up for herself

too afraid of the outcome.

to small to fight back.

so i cry, cry, cry baby.

that was the only way I could communicate there was something wrong baby.

i was a little girl

in love.

I was taught when he’s mean to you he likes you.

i’m a woman now i guess that mean he loves me.

cause he hurts me now. he likes to toy with me now. he likes to see me green with envy, when he plays with other ladies.

so i cry, cry, cry baby.

that was the only way I could communicate there was something wrong baby.

He hates it when I cry always calling me crybaby.

cry, cry, cry baby?

i can play games to baby.

i can make you cry to baby.

when i’m loving the next one, who won’t make me cry baby.

i’ll make you cry, cry, cry baby.


I watched my ancestors give birth by Kierra Wooden

i visualize portals, and i walk through.

i see her smiling at the sky,

wind blowing through her big curly hair,

her eyes were so beautiful, so dreamy.

she held the moon in her womb, the stars shined bright as she stood in sunlight.

iris blossomed around her.

she was magic. she was magic. she was magic.

blood inched down her thigh as the sun was setting. the sky was sparkling like it was on fire.

she kept smiling to the sky, as she collapsed to the ground, sweat imitating dew drops. more blood cascaded down her thighs, her legs. setting the sky on fire.

i heard a tiny wail, she cradled a tiny crescent moon in her arms. she called it Luna. she held on tight, she smiles but yet, she cries. yet, she cries.

she speaking in a unknown language but I know she saying I love you over and over again. I felt it. she put her nipple in the moons mouth and it drank till it fell fast asleep..

there she made a nest in the iris and put her moonstone in her Lunas hands.

she whispers “remember that I your mother love you, love you so much, and its curse, my love they’ll take you from me”

Black Woman Curse by Kierra Wooden

my, my, my she howled..
get it out, get it out, get it out
she got that black woman’s curse.
too much for her heart to bear.
but enough for her throat to tear through the earth, revealing all the blood underneath.
my, my, my she howled.
it sounded like all the ghost of all the wailing babies that never got to use their voice, like they trapped in her blood streams.

Hell, ain't we already there? by Kierra Wooden

“you’re gonna go to hell”
I laugh ain’t we already here?
They hate when they see me dancing with angels and devils fearless because HELL this what life about right? ain’t this how life balance itself out?
They hate that I’m not afraid to question God, because don’t I deserve some answers? ain’t I God too? My spirit was born in the stars and found a shell in a mortal body.
I’m half God half human.
We all done some evil things or destined too. But there’s good in all of us we all love the same, we all bleed the same, we all hurt the same. ain’t we all the same?
“you’re gonna go to hell”
I laugh ain’t we already here?
the view great though. there’s some great people here too. I like the food even though I don’t know if my food I consume is true but it taste good. i’m pretty too. and I have a roof over my head.
i hate it here too. most the mortals here too controlling they think they know whats best for everyone. it’s ugly here most days we be walking on top of our forgotten ancestors dead bodies. i’m ugly most days. and there’s people like me without roofs over their heads.
“you’re gonna go to hell”
I laugh ain’t we already here?

False Prophet by Kierra Wooden


You keep our memory alive with negative energy..
Are you mad at me?
Do you hate me?
Did I do something wrong?
Or is it that
You're hurting?
You're unhappy?
That you indirectly put me down to make yourself feel more like a man.  A couple seconds of power that you think you have over me that you're flaunting your infidelity.
Do you feel like a man yet babe?
You lost unconditional, pure love. I gave you everything boy just like that job and that nose ring and that haircut you flaunt to those next girls.
Remember you said you owe everything to me?
And all I ever wanted was reparations in a apology.  
But you want to feel like God huh babe? But all I see is a false prophet babe.
Cause if you're so powerful you wouldn't have to lie, you wouldn't be trying to prove how much of a man you are to your friends.
Because I'm a witness to your darkness.
Do you feel like a man yet babe?
Are you upset at my joy?
Are you upset that I moved on and fell in love with myself, and don't need a man to feed my ego, like you use women to make yourself feel like a man.
Do you feel like a man yet babe?
You hurt me but I bounced back. I don't utter your name with negativity laced, like those laced blunts you smoke that fucked your mind up.
You hurt me but I'm Godly enough to admit it, I'm Godly enough to admit I will always love you, because you were my first love. I'm Godly enough to not throw dirt on your name because you did make me happy as foreign as that seem.
Do you feel like a man yet babe?
I think the universe saved me from you, maybe that's why the seed you planted inside of me spilled out of me.
False prophet you are..
Bless up babe just admit you still in love with me.

Maybe by Kierra Wooden

Maybe it's me.
Maybe I don't make him feel a certain way anymore.
Maybe I don't give him that affect anymore.
Maybe it's me.
Maybe he got interested in another girl.
Maybe she's more than I ever could be.
Maybe she has that effect on him that I no longer can give.
Maybe he loves her more.
Maybe it's me.
Maybe I'm just not the one.
Maybe we're just not meant to be.
Maybe it's me.
Maybe I'm holding on too tight, so tight that it hurts to hold on.
Maybe I should let go.
Maybe there's no use of holding on.
Maybe it's me.
Maybe I should stop yearning for love.
Maybe I should let stuff be.
Maybe letting go isn't so bad after all.
Maybe I can finally be free.